Dental X-Rays for a Better Treatment Plan

Par Dr. Normand Bach 31/10/2023

Dental X-Rays for a Better Treatment Plan


Why do I need dental X-rays before starting orthodontic treatment? Wouldn’t a visual examination be enough? We answer both questions and tell you more about digital radiography.

Orthodontic treatments are constantly evolving, partly thanks to technological advances that are making each stage more pleasant and gentler for patients. The intraoral scanner is the purest example of this, as it provides digital impressions that are far less unpleasant than traditional impressions.

In the same vein, we’re often asked why orthodontists continue to use X-rays as part of modern, effective orthodontic treatment. In the minds of many, radiography is often seen as harmful or outdated.

However, a complete diagnosis is essential for successful orthodontic treatment. Without a proper radiographic examination, this diagnosis is not possible, as the orthodontist needs to assess the condition of the teeth and the jaw as a whole.

X-rays add to the visual examination and enable an even more precise diagnosis. It will also guide the choice of treatment.


Are You Familiar with Panoramic Dental X-rays?

A dental panoramic X-ray allows you to determine the current state of your jaw just prior to any orthodontic treatment.

Specifically, it enables you to view all the essential structures in your mouth on a single X-ray, including not only your teeth, but also your jawbones, lower nasal cavities, maxillary sinuses and more.

With this panoramic dental radiograph, the orthodontist can therefore observe:

  • The position of teeth in the jaw and your malocclusions
  • The state of your teeth
  • Tooth root and jawbone inflammation
  • And much more

X-rays will be repeated during treatment, to check the position of the dental axes and record any changes to the dental appliance, if any.

X-rays are the basis of successful orthodontic treatment. It is an additional control tool for the orthodontist. X-rays not only enable precise monitoring of treatment progress, but also allow any necessary corrections to be made during the course of treatment.

In short, panoramic dental radiography is an extremely important tool in any orthodontic treatment. It is widely used in the profession.



Digital Dental Radiography: A Technological Advance

Today, many orthodontists use digital radiography. Their radiation exposure is at about the same level as natural background radiation, and they are far less damaging than traditional X-rays. In this sense, digital X-rays take radiation exposure into account.

The contribution of digital radiography can be explained by the short time needed to produce the images. For example, it only takes a few seconds to take the images. The images are then transferred to the computer, from where the digital X-ray is taken, in around a minute, and the process is complete.

Despite the short shooting time, optimum quality is guaranteed. The images are even better quality and more detailed than with the traditional method. This gives the orthodontist a better idea of the state of your oral cavity.

What’s more, digital radiography allows images to be transmitted without difficulty and avoids costly image evaluation and development. This modern technology ensures rapid results with far less handling.

In addition, the orthodontist can view the images with the patient without delay on the screens in the treatment room. To facilitate subsequent treatment, the contrast of the images can also be easily adjusted. In this way, the orthodontist can follow the progress of treatment with you and make before-and-after comparisons. With digital radiography, you can closely monitor the effectiveness of the proposed treatment.

In short, digital radiography is faster, gentler and more effective than the traditional method, which required several steps before the results could be read.

Our team also takes numerous protective measures to minimize the impact of radiation, however slight.


Dr. Normand Bach, Technological and Professional

An attentive team will answer all your questions before suggesting a treatment plan tailored to your condition. X-rays are just one more way of making the right diagnosis.

Come and discover all our modern equipment, in the heart of the Plateau-Mont-Royal, at the Dr. Normand Bach Orthodontics Clinic. A friendly, experienced team will be with you every step of the way. Make an appointment now for a consultation at our Montreal clinic.


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