The ideal time for orthodontic treatment is once the teeth are fully developed. This usually occurs between the ages of 11 and 13. Sometimes, although not always, it is preceded by a phase-one treatment. Orthodontic treatment for teenagers may consist of appliances and braces or Invisalign clear aligners. The advantage of performing orthodontic treatment during adolescence is that, at that age, the teeth are in peak health, which often makes treatment simpler.

Orthodontic brackets, commonly called “braces”, help align the teeth using gentle pressure. In combination with orthodontic wires, the braces work to move the teeth according to a strategy formulated by the orthodontist. Since the wires are straight when they’re inserted in the brackets, as the treatment progresses, they modify the alignment of the teeth by forcing the “crooked” ones to move in the same straight direction. At each appointment, Dr. Normand Bach adjusts the position of the orthodontic wires to ensure that they remain consistently straight. This is how orthodontists succeed in achieving their goal. Of course, every case is different, which means that the length of treatment may vary from one person to another.

The length of an orthodontic treatment depends on the following:

  • the severity of the malocclusion
  • The age of the patient
  • The cooperation of the patient
  • The diligence of the patient

The primary goal remains the quality of care that Dr. Bach provides to each one of his patients.However, it’s a matter of teamwork. To ensure the success of your treatment, it’s important to follow his directions and recommendations to the letter. Specifically, he may ask you to make some modifications to your eating habits. For example, in order to prevent injuries and damage to your dental appliance, it’s essential to avoid foods that are hard or sticky.

Dr. Bach offers his patients a wide variety of treatment options. He uses only top-quality products and cutting-edge technology. It all starts with a consultation that includes a primary examination. Afterwards, Dr. Bach is able to offer the treatment options that are best-suited to your particular situation, including less visible options like Invisalign.

You should also expect routine appointments, during which the orthodontist will adjust your appliance to ensure that your treatment progresses properly.

adolescente orthodontie pour adolescents

Self-Ligating Brackets

boitier auto-ligaturant orthodontie pour adolescents

        • Shorter orthodontist appointments
        • A treatment that’s quick, effective and comfortable
        • Easy to maintain

Clear Braces

boitier transparents orthodontie pour adolescents

        • A treatment that’s quick, effective and comfortable
        • Easy to maintain
        • Shorter orthodontist appointments
        • More discreet appliances


invisalign orthodontie pour adolescents

        • Invisible, clear aligners
        • Hygiene and nutrition are simplified, as patients remove them when eating and brushing their teeth
        • Not suitable for all types of malocclusions; some more complex cases require a combination treatment with clear braces
        • Self-discipline is necessary on the part of the patients, who must wear the aligners constantly (day and night, except when eating and brushing their teeth)