Clear braces are designed exactly the same way as self-ligating brackets. As their name implies, they’re different because they’re transparent, rather than metallic. This variant is perfect for those patients wanting a dental appliance that’s as imperceptible as possible. Thanks to these new options, many adults are now daring to take the leap and opting for orthodontic treatment. You’d probably be surprised to learn that one out of every three of Dr. Normand Bach’s patients is an adult! For those of you who’d like more information on the subject, you can find it here: one patient out of three is an adult.

Commonly called “braces”, self-ligating brackets help align the teeth using gentle pressure. Over the course of the treatment, this pressure modifies the alignment of the teeth in accordance with the strategy Dr. Bach has developed for you.

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With traditional braces, the brackets are attached to an orthodontic wire with elastic bands, called “ligatures”, necessitating more pressure in order to move the teeth. More pressure equals more discomfort for the patient. Unlike traditional braces, self-ligating brackets are attached to the orthodontic wire using a system of clips, rather than ligatures (thus, the term “self-ligating”). Once clipped to the wire, the bracket is fixed in place by simply fastening a built-in clasp. In other words: having no elastics means having fewer problems. It’s as simple as that!

If you’d like to learn more about self-ligating brackets and the advantages they offer in comparison with traditional braces, you can follow this link.

Finally, many orthodontists offer their patients the option of having clear braces put on the six top front teeth only. Since these are the teeth that are most noticeable when someone smiles, they’re prioritized when a patient wants an appliance that’s barely noticeable, but also wants to minimize the cost of treatment. Nevertheless, the patient also has the option of a dental appliance made up entirely of clear braces.

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Self-ligating brackets

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      • Shorter orthodontist appointments.
      • A treatment that’s quick, effective and comfortable
    • Easy to maintain


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          • Invisible, clear aligners
          • Hygiene and nutrition are simplified, as patients remove them when eating and brushing their teeth
          • Not suitable for all types of malocclusions; some more complex cases require a combination treatment with clear braces
          • Self-discipline is necessary on the part of the patients, who must wear the aligners constantly (day and night, except when eating and brushing their teeth)