Your first visit is that most important first step.

You may have many questions, concerns and perhaps you are a little anxious while embarking on the journey for your new, beautiful smile. It’s our honour to have your trust and we will make sure that you receive the best care at our clinic.

We welcome you to share all the details regarding your condition and don’t hesitate to ask all your questions, as the better we get to know you, the more personalized and effective of a treatment we can recommend.

The first session is between 30 and 60 minutes long and consists of:

  1. A consultation
  2. A review of your dental and medical history
  3. A complete oral exam

We will then inform you of our diagnosis and offer you recommendations for a treatment, including every step and appliance deemed necessary. Dr. Bach will answer all of your questions, so don’t hold back as we are here to serve your best interest.

Finally, we will give you an estimate of the treatment costs, during which we can also discuss the most suitable payment plan for you.

Your radiograph, along with a report of your first visit, will be sent to your dentist.

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