6 Criteria for an Orthodontist Who Will Meet Your Expectations

Par Dr. Normand Bach 28/03/2022

6 Criteria for an Orthodontist Who Will Meet Your Expectations

The first time you have an orthodontic treatment, choosing your clinic is the most important first step. There are more than one orthodontist out there, so what’s the best way to choose?

Here are the 6 main aspects to consider when looking for an orthodontist that will be suitable for you.

An Orthodontist Near You

Proximity is a very important factor to consider when choosing an orthodontist. It will be much easier for you to arrange appointments that do not interfere with your busy schedule: commuting time must be taken into account.

Worse yet, if your travel schedule conflicts and you have to keep rescheduling your follow-up appointments; this would undoubtedly hinder the effectiveness of your treatment!

Choose an orthodontist close to your home, your workplace or your child’s school, if he or she is the one undergoing orthodontic treatment.

The Treatments Offered

Of course, all orthodontists offer orthodontic care! However, this is a field that, like any other, is evolving and developing new technologies, new treatment options.

Would you like to get Invisalign treatment? Are you hoping for dental appliances that are as imperceptible as possible? If you’re looking for a particular treatment plan, it’s best to check out what your orthodontist has to offer first. Most of the time, you can find the information on their website; if not, a call or a visit will tell you more for sure!

However, only your orthodontist can determine if some treatments are appropriate to you. For example, Invisalign aligners are not suitable for certain bite problems.

Cost Transparency

If you need or wish to have an orthodontic treatment, you certainly expect to put out a significant amount. Prices may vary from one clinic to another. However, think twice when you see “promotions” and “discounts”; they can seem very attractive, but do not always mean that they will apply to your situation. Indeed, each patient is unique!

The absence of hidden fees is therefore an important criterion when you consult an orthodontist. An accurate cost estimate should be provided to you after the first consultation when the treatment plan has been determined.

Afterwards, the treatment is paid in instalments and may be partially covered by your insurance. Dr. Normand Bach’s clinic offers an initial consultation for $60 and then allows you to spread out your payments according to your needs.

However, it is impossible to foresee the exact cost of orthodontic treatment before the evaluation: it varies from one patient to another, depending on the complexity of the case to be treated.

Cleanliness of the Premises

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry, and like all medical facilities, the orthodontist’s clinic must be perfectly clean and sanitized. The measures taken must follow the recommendations of NAOSH (North American Occupational Safety and Health) and CCOHS (Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety).



Competence and Quality of Treatment of an Orthodontist

Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry, so your orthodontist must be a member of the Ordre des dentistes du Québec and hold a specialized diploma in his or her field. Some dentists may offer orthodontic treatment, but it is not their specialty.

If you have any doubts, the Ordre des dentistes du Québec can confirm the qualifications of a professional. The training of your orthodontist and, in some cases, his or her reputation, will confirm your choice.

In fact, many clinics display, on site and even online, the results obtained by past patients, with their consent. These “before and after” pictures give you an excellent idea of what the orthodontist can achieve; sometimes the results are impressive.

Regular Follow-Up

Currently, there are many ads on the web offering you treatments such as Invisalign-type clear braces at a reduced cost. However, this is a treatment plan that does not involve any X-rays or follow-up, which means that the work is much less precise than that of an expert!

Generally, follow-up appointments for orthodontics take place every 6 to 8 weeks, although this may vary depending on the patient. The follow-up sessions allow us to make sure that everything is going well and to react promptly if a problem arises.

Also, an orthodontist who listens to the needs of his or her patients will allow you to make an appointment quickly if an emergency arises.

Dr. Normand Bach and his team stand out for the quality of their care, the follow-up and the attention they pay to all their patients. Above all, a sense of trust is important when choosing a health professional. Come meet our team in the heart of Montreal!

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