Fun facts about your mouth

Par Dr. Normand Bach 21/08/2018

These days, the adoption of good habits to maintain proper oral hygiene is practically guaranteed in most of the population. We’ve all developed a routine that we implement on a daily basis without even thinking about it. The importance of tooth brushing is commonly taught in the school system in order to raise awareness and encourage the development of healthy habits starting at an early age. Today, with good oral hygiene and regular checkups with your dentist or orthodontist, you can expect to keep your teeth for as long as you live. In short, tooth brushing is a part of life, period! In the twenty-first century,
oral hygiene is no longer a mystery. Even so, here are a few fun facts that may surprise even those who think they know everything about teeth!

1. White teeth aren’t everyone’s ideal of beauty!

Did you know that there’s a Vietnamese tradition of lacquering the teeth black through a complexprocedure? According to this time-honored custom, those who lacquer their teeth are considered more attractive. Contrary to what you might think, this procedure is actually beneficial to the health of the teeth. The technique and the products used improve the breath and help prevent cavities.

2. Saliva, an inexhaustible resource

Few of us have any doubt that saliva is a substance that our body produces in great volume. But did you know that, over the course of a lifetime, a human being can produce enough saliva to fill a swimming pool? We’re talking about almost 25,000 liters!

3. Toothpaste through the ages

Evidently, the ancient Egyptians were the first to invent toothpaste. A traditional recipe for toothpaste was discovered in an Egyptian manuscript dating from the Antiquity. The mixture was composed of salt,mint leaves, pepper and crushed iris flowers. Water was added to create a paste that was rubbed on the
teeth using a reed.

After that, the Romans took up the recipe and added abrasive components, like crushed pumice stone, egg shells or oyster shells. bark.

In the Middle Ages, taking care of one’s teeth wasn’t a priority… People were content to simply gargle with a mixture of sea salt, honey and vinegar.

It wasn’t until the eighteenth century that an effective recipe was developed, and we owe it to Louis XV’s physician. The recipe was actually a liquid composed of cinnamon, star anise and cloves,recognized for its whitening and fortifying properties. This mouthwash, better known by the name of Botot, is still sold today.

But we would have to wait until the nineteenth century for the first recipe for modern toothpaste to be invented, by an American. Believe it or not, this recipe was made up of a mixture of chalk and mint-scented soap!

After all these harebrained ideas, it just goes to show how important it is never to rest on your laurels.Even if, in the twenty-first century, we can brag about our perfect oral hygiene, it’s essential that we stick with our good habits. If you need someone to refresh your memory, ask your orthodontist! He or she is an expert on the topic!

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