What Kind of Health Issues Can Be Treated by Orthodontics?

Par Dr. Normand Bach 22/07/2022

What Kind of Health Issues Can Be Treated by Orthodontics?

When it comes to orthodontics, we often see it as a service that we should go through as early in life as possible to fully benefit from it. It’s never too late to get a straight and sparkling smile! You wish to get your teeth realigned? This is where an orthodontist intervenes to straighten your teeth and correct any malocclusion.

Doctor Normand Bach, your Montréal orthodontist, gives you more information via his blog specialized in orthodontics. In this article, we explore some common orthodontics interventions and their effects on your oral health.

Orthodontics, Not Just a Matter of Aesthetics

We often mention the aesthetic aspect of orthodontics procedures, which serve to realign dentition. It’s indeed a good reason to start this approach, but it’s not the only one, far from it! Did you know that orthodontics can solve common health problems as well as giving you a beautiful smile? Your orthodontist can perform services that go beyond that of traditional orthodontic appliances!

Indeed, for some cases of mild or moderate sleep apnea, an orthodontic intervention can greatly increase comfort during your sleep. An oral appliance specially made to relieve the uncomfortable symptoms of sleep exists! It’s a Mandibular Advancement Orthosis (MAO), made to move the lower mandible forward a few millimetres to clear the respiratory tract.

Note that it’s an interesting alternative to Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) devices, although it doesn’t fully replace it when faced with more severe cases of sleep apnea.

Malocclusions and Chewing: An Important Link

If you have difficulty chewing correctly, this problem can also lead to digestive problems. Although digestion happens in your stomach, it’s relevant to point out that food that wasn’t properly chewed can lead to long-term digestion problems.

Teeth deemed “crooked” are often the result of a malocclusion, defined as a bad alignment of the teeth composing the maxillary arch and the ones of the mandible.

Your orthodontist can also treat this problem by offering you a series of orthodontics and skeletal corrections (if necessary) that will help your chewing. We sometimes underestimate the benefits of properly chewing when confronted with digestive problems. If you recognize yourself as having this problem, it’s possible that a visit at your orthodontist can give you a better view of what can be done.

The emphasis is often put on the treatment of badly aligned teeth, but an orthodontist can also handle the relations between your dentition, your jaw, your respiratory tract and your tongue.

Keeping in the spirit of correcting problems related to your mouth as a whole, a lisp problem can also be treated by an orthodontist. When it comes to a speech impediment, an orthodontist’s intervention (as well as a speech therapist’s) can solve the problem.

Oral health problems for which orthodontist interventions can be needed vary based on the person needing the service.


Dental Realignment, More and More Discreet

Orthodontic appliances are less and less visible. If you’re planning dental realignment, the Invisalign treatment is the transparent alternative to orthodontic appliances. Completely invisible, it allows you to get dental realignment easily and without compromising on your eating habits.

Even if it’s not a dangerous health issue, bad dental alignment can affect self-esteem, and that’s why orthodontists perform these services: to better the life-quality of patients wishing to get a straight smile.

A smile you can be proud of makes you want to show it off, as well as allow you to maintain your oral health more easily on a medium- and long-term period.

Whether your problem is a matter of comfort or of chewing, whether you need an appliance specially designed for sleep apnea, or if you need your teeth realigned, call your orthodontist!

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