How Do You Treat “Happiness Teeth”?

Par Dr. Normand Bach 23/12/2021

How Do You Treat “Happiness Teeth”?

The title of this blog may sound a little exotic, but “happiness teeth” do exist and can be corrected by your orthodontist.

Dr. Normand Bach and his team in Montreal’s Plateau-Mont-Royal borough will first explain what we mean by “happiness teeth” before suggesting some possible options.

What Are “Happiness Teeth”?

Have you ever heard of this term? It’s actually a very nice name for a space between your teeth.

Some people will find it adds to their charisma and use it as a weapon of seduction. Others will want to find a solution to narrow the gap between their teeth. No matter what you choose, you should know that this situation is not insignificant and that there are solutions.

We therefore speak of “happiness teeth” (the scientific name is diastema) to designate a space between teeth. These spaces can be located anywhere in the mouth, and can be of varying numbers. They can also be relatively pronounced.

When we observe a very marked space between the two upper incisors in an individual, we speak of “happiness teeth” or “interincisal diastema” as its name indicates.

Moreover, it should be said that this space occurs in both adults and children. In children, the approach will be different because the spaces can disappear when the permanent teeth start to grow in during adolescence. It is therefore advisable to make an appointment with your orthodontist so that he can examine your teeth and suggest treatment at the right time, if necessary.

While some gaps are barely noticeable, others are more prominent and can become more pronounced with age, along with other malpositions such as forward teeth, for example.

Even if it is not systematically the case, these “happiness teeth” pose a major aesthetic problem for many patients who come to see us in clinic and who wish to have an appropriate treatment.




Which Dental Appliance To Correct My “Happiness Teeth”?

As we have just seen, this space between the teeth can lead us to consult, since this situation bothers us, especially when our teeth are misaligned. In this perspective, what orthodontic treatment will best meet our expectations? Dr. Normand Bach, an experienced orthodontist in Montreal, answers this question.

First of all, it must be said that the answer to this question varies from patient to patient. In addition, each situation is unique and requires a preliminary examination and discussion with the patient to find out exactly what he or she wants.

While in some extremely rare cases, treatment with lingual braces is difficult, in most cases, all orthodontic treatments can close the space(s) between the teeth.

However, the most often recommended treatments are

  • Visible braces, made of very discreet ceramics that are aesthetically pleasing
  • Invisalign aligners, which are very popular and also very aesthetic

During your first consultation, Dr. Normand Bach will analyze the situation and present you with the different treatment options and techniques he can use. While each treatment has its own attributes, the orthodontist will take the time to answer all of your questions and will also discuss the strengths and limitations of each treatment option.

In addition to talking about orthodontic treatments for “happiness teeth”, he will give you an estimate of the cost and duration of the treatment. He will discuss the key steps in the treatment process and provide you with an appointment schedule.

Dr. Normand Bach: An Experienced Orthodontist!

In his Plateau-Mont-Royal clinic, Dr. Bach and his team see many adult patients for whom discreet and aesthetic treatment is a priority. When the situation arises, Dr. Normand Bach will suggest treatment with clear aligners like Invisalign, which are very easy to use and invisible. It is also possible to have ceramic braces, which also do an excellent job.

In the end, Dr. Bach’s team ensures the success of your treatment and follows you closely at every step. For many years, we have been making sure our patients smile again and correcting the malpositioning of your teeth.

Trust our experienced team; trust the members of Dr. Normand Bach’s clinic. Make an appointment now for a consultation. Experts are waiting for you!

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