What Is a Deep Bite?

Par Dr. Normand Bach 29/06/2023

What Is a Deep Bite?

Deep bite: Orthodontists often talk about malocclusion, but what do they mean? What is a deep bite? What are the treatments to fix this problem? Dr. Normand Bach, orthodontist in Montreal, will tell you more about malocclusion.


What is a deep bite?

At first glance, the expression may seem strange, but it truly describes what is happening with your teeth. Simply put, a deep bite occurs when the upper front teeth excessively overlap the bottom front teeth.

Orthodontists talk about vertical overlap, or overbite, when the upper front teeth overlap the bottom front teeth. Then there is also horizontal overlap, or overjet, when the upper front teeth extend away from the bottom front teeth. Either way, and more simply, it refers to overlapping teeth.

Malocclusion is a common problem that affects many patients. However, it can take various forms, and the people that are affected can have different feelings about their condition.

Finally, deep bite can be caused by dental or skeletal misalignment. In the first case, the teeth are responsible for the deep bite, and in the second it is the jaw.


Should you see an orthodontist for your deep bite?

There are at least two reasons that can lead a person to seek orthodontic treatment:

  • Esthetic concerns
  • Functional problems

As for the first reason, patients tend to see an orthodontist because they want to improve their appearance and see a significant reduction in teeth overlap. As for the second reason, functional problems can cause difficulty chewing and problems speaking or articulating.

If deep bite is not corrected, it can significantly damage your teeth and lead to the dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Moreover, left untreated, it will get worse and your teeth can press against each other. If the space is too restricted or the gaps between your teeth are too wide, your teeth risk growing crooked. Either way, your TMJ will be affected.

In such a scenario, seeing your orthodontist is a must, and it will allow you to determine what can be done, since each case is different. Your orthodontist will show you the different options while taking into consideration the cosmetic aspect, and any functional problems that may be bothering you.

This initial consultation generally reassures patients, who get to learn more about deep bite and the options available to them.



Treatments to consider

As we mentioned, there are several orthodontic treatments to correct a deep bite.

At the outset, we must emphasize that each case is different, and that is why the initial consultation remains very important. Moreover, treatment for children is different than treatment for adults.

For instance, children can have baby teeth removed to help align their teeth early on. In their case, we can also consider a dental appliance that will act on teeth alignment and the relationship between the upper jaw and the lower jaw. Aligners can then be offered.

As for adults, since the jaw has finished growing, the treatment might be surgical, especially when it comes to skeletal deep bite. Orthodontics is effective on teeth, but in this instance, surgical orthodontics treatment may be appropriate to ensure and improve the proper functioning of the jaws.

But there is more good news for adults. Deep bite can be corrected in part or completely through the help of braces or retainers that will align your teeth. If you consider correcting this situation with retainers, then transparent Invisalign retainers can play a key role. Your orthodontist will be able to suggest promising avenues.


Trust Dr. Normand Bach’s team

Dr. Normand Bach’s clinic, in the heart of Montreal in the Plateau-Mont-Royal borough, has all the necessary expertise to correct your deep bite. Dr. Normand Bach has a long track record, so much so that with the years he has established himself as a seasoned professional in the field. His talented team shows deep-seated enthusiasm for patients in the way they take the time to answer every question and ensure exemplary follow-ups. They impress patients with their constant availability throughout the treatment.

For a consultation for a deep bite or any other orthodontic problems, it is Dr. Normand Bach’s clinic that you need. Make an appointment now!


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