Why are braces so expensive?

Par Dr. Normand Bach 16/10/2017

As an adult, one can expect to assume any number of expenses totaling in the thousands of dollars: a car, household appliances and renovations, just to name a few. Some of us have to add orthodontic treatments for ourselves or our children to the list. In this particular case, the sums of money required may seem incomprehensible. You might be wondering why a simple set of braces would be in the same price range as those other big expenses. But when you look at it more closely, you’ll see that there are several reasons.

First of all, we’re talking about a highly specialized instrument.

When an item can be mass produced, the manufacturer can achieve economies of scale. These savings make it possible for the item in question to be sold more cheaply. However, this is far from the case with braces, which are custom-made, based on the physiognomy of the patient’s jaw and the specific problem that needs to be addressed. Since every orthodontic appliance must take the individual’s unique dental features into consideration, mass production is impossible, and as a consequence, the price goes up.

Each orthodontic appliance must take the individual’s unique dental features into consideration.

So we’re talking about a highly specialized, custom-made instrument, but it doesn’t stop there: only a professional can put it in place. While it may seem self-evident, it’s another factor you have to take into account to justify the high costs associated with dental treatments. The orthodontist who puts on your braces is a highly qualified expert who has studied for years in order to become licensed to practice. For the orthodontic treatment to be successful, the specialist must adjust the pressure exerted on each tooth in an extremely precise manner and follow up rigorously. If the orthodontist commits even the slightest error during any phase of the treatment, it will do the patient more harm than good. If you needed braces, would you trust your next-door neighbour to put them on? The answer is obvious!

There’s still one more key factor to take into consideration.

The amount of time the dental appliance must be worn will vary according to the case, but in general, the patient will need to wear braces for several years. If they aren’t put on correctly or the treatment isn’t supervised correctly, the discomfort and even pain can become a regular part of the patient’s life, day and night. Just one more reason to demand impeccable work from the most qualified professional: your orthodontist.

While braces may seem expensive, the results will last a lifetime. In the end, healthy teeth and a radiant smile are priceless!

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