Why You Should Consult an Orthodontist?

Par Dr. Normand Bach 31/08/2021


Why You Should Consult an Orthodontist?

Let’s tackle this question by first explaining what exactly an orthodontist does and how this compares to an orthodentist.

Dr. Normand Bach located in Montreal, close to the South Shore and the North Shore, has extensive experience in the field of orthodontics and is able to address this question with precision and clarity.

What an Orthodontist Does?

The Canadian Dental Association, defines orthodontics as the branch of dentistry that deals with correcting misalignments of the jaws and teeth. More precisely, “The purpose of orthodontic treatment is to align your teeth to improve their appearance and function”. Fixed or removable orthodontic devices can be used to apply gentle pressure over several months or even years, which then realigns your teeth to the right position.

Dr. Normand Bach has practised orthodontics for many years and is not only able to restore your beautiful straight smile, but his advanced treatments also help to promote better health, as properly aligned teeth are easier to brush and less prone to cavities and injuries.

In short, the orthodontist corrects your teeth, your malocclusions and restores your beautiful smile.

An Orthodontist Versus an Orthodentist

While it seems simple enough and logical to use the prefix “ortho” and simply add the term “dentist” to indicate that this oral health practitioner is someone who straightens out our teeth, there actually is a specialty called orthodontics and the specialist in this field is referred to as an orthodontist.

In fact, the term “orthodontist” is a derivative of “orthodontics” which has its origins in ancient Greece. Indeed, orthós means “straight” and odoús means “tooth”. Simply put, an orthodontist is someone who corrects malocclusions and practices correcting your teeth, giving you “straight” teeth.

Remember that your orthodontist is first and foremost a dentist with a university degree in orthodontics. Your orthodontist is not only responsible for prevention, but also, and more specifically, for correcting your misaligned teeth.

So Why Go See an Orthodontist?

We now have better answers to this question. Among other conditions, you should consult an orthodontist if:

  • Your teeth are not properly aligned;
  • You have an excess of space between your teeth;
  • You have a malocclusion;
  • Your teeth overlap;
  • You suffer from a palate deformity;
  • You have a genetic anomaly;
  • You have a periodontitis dysfunction.



As you can see, your orthodontist is the only specialist who can offer you real solutions: be it for aesthetic or functional reasons, Dr. Normand Bach, your orthodontic specialist on Roy in Montreal, takes the time to examine your situation and discuss the issues with you in order to determine what is causing your issues and how to get your smile back.

During the initial consultation, a diagnosis is made and a discussion will follow so that we can look at a treatment plan that is best suited to your needs. Dr. Bach will propose the type of apparatus to be used in your case and will enable you to ask all the questions that are running through your mind.

This essential process also allows us to establish a relationship of trust, to draw up a timetable for the treatment to be carried out and to give you the opportunity to expect promising results. Following this first visit, you will understand exactly what the game plan is, including our recommendations and the next steps to be taken, based on the schedule. We take a very gentle approach, giving you the best advice in the city to help you get your smile back.

So why go to an orthodontist? For all the reasons we’ve just mentioned, plus to benefit from the fine expertise of a leading orthodontist who has taught at the Université de Montréal’s Faculty of Dentistry for several years. Dr. Bach restores the smile of countless patients.

You Are in Good Hands with our Specialist and Dedicated Team!

Dr. Normand Bach’s team has been providing orthodontic care for many years and demonstrates a high degree of professional integrity. Over the years, the members of this team have not only developed the necessary expertise, but also the know-how to instill confidence in patients at the clinic. They demonstrate their skill and dedication with each visit. This exceptional team can best be summed up in two words: talentedand caring.

With his extensive expertise and natural talent for orthodontics, Dr. Normand Bach makes his patients feel comfortable from the first visit. He can listen and offer professional advice, uses language that lets you understand immediately what the best solutions are, takes the time to discuss his game plan, confidently answers all your questions and delivers brilliant results.

In short, this exceptional professional’s work in orthodontics, is guided by one very simple principle: The patient comes first … always!

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