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Busting common myths about orthodontics

Par Dr. Normand Bach 22/02/2018

Wearing braces or orthodontic appliances is very common these days. We all know someone, whether a friend or a family member, who has had them. But even though it’s a widespread practice that’s well- known to all, there’s still some false information going around about it. In this article,...

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At what age should your child see an orthodontist?

Par Dr. Normand Bach 15/02/2018

During the first few years of their life, children don’t all develop at the same speed. The first words and first steps may come much sooner or much later than expected. So the question of the first orthodontist visit is a little tricky: if children all grow at their...

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The ups and downs of orthodontia

Par Dr. Normand Bach 18/12/2017

The benefits of orthodontic treatment are well-established. So if you experience some discomfort when you first have your braces put on, just remind yourself that it’s only temporary and that it’s all worth it in the end. What’s more, there are a number of little tricks you can use...

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Why are braces so expensive?

Par Dr. Normand Bach 16/10/2017

As an adult, one can expect to assume any number of expenses totaling in the thousands of dollars: a car, household appliances and renovations, just to name a few. Some of us have to add orthodontic treatments for ourselves or our children to the list. In this particular case,...

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How much does an orthodontic treatment cost?

Par Dr. Normand Bach 13/10/2017

Before undergoing an orthodontic treatment, it’s perfectly normal to have a few questions. You’ll want to get the details of the treatment, know the risks that are or could be involved, and find out what to do before, during and after the appointment to ensure that the treatment will...

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Going on vacation with an appliance or braces? No problem!

Par Dr. Normand Bach 12/10/2017

Orthodontic treatments are constantly evolving, not only to become more efficient, but also to minimize the discomfort and inconvenience suffered by the patient. These days, you can do just about anything you want with an orthodontic appliance or orthodontic brackets, as long as you observe a few basic rules....

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